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Satellite Events are additions to the core Conference and sessions are in a workshop style. Content need not be as academic or at all. Note that for Satellite sessions where the proposer-organiser has chosen an AAATE Congress supported publication, this will be online and open access.

The Satellite sessions will be held at St Mary’s Conference Centre, Sheffield on 12th and 15th September 2017. The venue is located approximately a 20 minute walk from the Conference venue of The Diamond. There will be a daily registration fee of £176 (Early Registration available until 1st August 2017).

Satellite Events

Student Innovation Tournament | 12/09/2017 | Octagon Centre | 9 – 5 pm

The Student Innovation Tournament will be a one-day event where around 100 undergraduate students from a range of backgrounds (e.g. social care, health, engineering) will work in multidisciplinary teams to generate ideas for solutions to real problems set by our community and industrial partners.


Standardisation Workshop | 12/09/2017 | St. Mary’s Conference Centre | 8.30 – 10 am

This event focuses on the strategic aspects of the topic, answering questions from management, policy makers, decision makers in administration. It will also present new approaches to address some gaps and insufficiencies identified.


Change Management | 12/09/2017 | St. Mary’s Conference Centre | 10.00 – 15.45

Change management as a success factor in the implementation, scaling up and transfer of digital health & social care solutions. In this seminar, we will assess some of the success factors related to organisational change and how these factors have been managed during the up-scaling and transfer of successful experiences.


The Barriers and Enablers to Introducing New Technologies into the NHS |12/09/2017 | St Mary’s | 08.40 – 12.40 pm

This session will showcase examples of clinical practice where therapists (OTs/ PTs/SALT) have used new technologies to increase, maintain, or improve patient’s functional and cognitive capabilities. The presentations will describe the specific rationale, processes, documentation, enablers and barriers to implementation in clinical settings.


The Role of Technology in Social Isolation and Loneliness in Later Life|12/09/2017 | St Mary’s | 08.40 – 09.40 pm
This workshop will aim to explore the role of technology in reducing social isolation and loneliness in later life by drawing on a mix of academic and practice research, as well as discussion of initiatives which have been introduced by AGE UK, the UKs largest charity dedicated to supporting people in later life.


Global Challenges Pre-Conference Event | 12/09/2017 | The Diamond | 16.30 – 18.30

The board of AAATE is happy to invite the 2017 Conference participants to the third edition of the “Global Challenges in Assistive Technology” meeting that will be held on Tuesday 12th September 2017 between 16.00 and 18.30 in Sheffield.


Evaluating Technology | 15/09/2017 | St Mary’s Conference Centre | 10.30 – 16.00

Join us at St Mary’s on Friday 15th September for another packed day of workshop style sessions. The topic that will feature today is Evaluating Technology – Supported Complex Health and Social Interventions.


T4I2017 Conference | 15/09/2017 | St. Mary’s Conference Centre | 9 – 5 pm

T4I2017 will occur at St. Mary’s Church and Conference Centre, Sheffield, on 15th September 2017. The Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) at the University of Sheffield are the hosts. Each year T4I focuses discussion on issues and innovation in AT related best practice, innovation and service delivery. All life domains are relevant so that includes health, education, employment, leisure and daily living.

Social Events

In order to grow the networking opportunities during the Congress week, we will offer a number of Social Events that are currently chargeable to the delegates.

Reception at the Winter Gardens | 12/09/2017 | 7pm

Join us for the first of three events – the AAATE Reception, the night before the Conference kicks off. Hosted in the Winter Garden in the city centre, a giant greenhouse holding more than 2,500 plants. You’ll hear from our guest speaker and enjoy refreshments ahead of the following day’s enthralling talks.

Dinner at the Cathedral | 14/09/2017 | 7pm

The Congress Dinner is the go-to social event of the Congress week. Sit down with fellow delegates following a thought provoking two days at the Conference in Sheffield Cathedral which, with the help of Heritage Lottery Funding, has recently been transformed to the impressive, accessible space it now is. Hear from our Plenary Speaker and enjoy a three course meal to round off the Conference.


You can book your place via the University of Sheffield online store.


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