Meet the students at the Student Innovation Tournament

October 27, 2016

The Student Innovation Tournament will be a one-day event at which undergraduate and postgraduate students from a range of backgrounds (e.g. social care, health, engineering) will work in multidisciplinary teams to generate ideas for solutions to real problems set by our community and industrial partners.

There will be a broad and diverse range of problems set, but each problem will be one that has the potential to be solved by Assistive Technology of some form.

People at a workshop

Students will not need to have technological expertise (e.g. coding) to participate – the tournament is focused on ideas generation, innovation and creativity towards solutions, rather than the development of solutions themselves. Students will be free to present their ideas in a range of formats such as digital posters, presentation slides or pitches.

The ideas will be judged by a panel of experts, including industrial partners, conference sponsors, assistive technology entrepreneurs, business leaders, University alumni, and research partners.

And of course there will be a prize on offer for the winning team – to be announced!

We are looking for a range of challenges to offer the students. If you are interested in helping us to set a challenge, please contact the tournament organisers.


If you would like to sponsor the Student Innovation Tournament, please contact the conference organisers.

The event will be held in St Mary’s Conference Centre alongside a professional exhibition and The AAATE Congress Satellite events



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