Open Developer Space

July 4, 2017

I – Innovation

Open Developer Space

Conference Day 2: Thursday 14th September 2017 from 11.00

Session Chair: Dr. Gregg Vanderheiden, President, Raising the Floor-International

Twitter: @p4allnews

Chair’s comment: When considering the venue for announcing the release of the DeveloperSpace and Unified Listing, the AAATE immediately came to mind due to its central role in the life of Assistive Technology and those who create, apply and use it. The existence of the Special Thematic Sessions (STS) within the program, provided the perfect format for presenting the DeveloperSpace and Unified Listing and exploring their utility and benefits across the different stakeholders.


11.00 – 11.18 – Gregg Vanderheiden, Raising the Floor – International  Open DeveloperSpace: an Enabling Infrastructure for Stakeholders to Generate New Access Solutions: The DeveloperSpace, one of the core components of GPII, is a self-sustainable infrastructure and collaborative environment

11.18 – 11.36 – Ignacio Peinado Martinez, Raising the Floor – International Feed3: A Strategy for a 3-Direction Connection among AT Consumers and Developers: The Feed3 strategy aims to provide AT consumers, developers and manufacturers with Feedback, Feedforward and FeedPeer mechanisms to collaborate in the development of novel accessible solutions.

11.36 – 11.45 – Otilia Kocsis, Raising the Floor – International Using the Assistance on Demand platform to set-up a Network of Assistance Services

11.45 – 11.54 – Vivian Vimarlund, Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) Use Model for a User Centred Design in Multidisciplinary teams

11.54 – 12.12 – Daniel Ziegler, FraunhoferInstitute for Industrial Engineering IAO Enabling Accessibility through Modelbased User Interface Development: Adaptive user interfaces (AUIs) can increase the accessibility of interactive systems. They provide personalized display and interaction modes to fit individual user needs.

12.12 – 12.21 – Steve Lee, OpenDirective Stepping Stones for People with Cognitive Disabilities and Low Digital Literacy

12.21 – 12.48 – Discussion



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