Use of Eye Gaze

July 4, 2017

I – Innovation

Use of Eye Gaze

Conference Day 2: Thursday 14th September 2017 from 14.00

Session Chair: Helena Hemmingsson, Professor in Occupational Therapy, Linköping University


14.00 – 14.09 – Rob Gregory Gaze-based Assistive Technology- Use in Everyday Life for Individuals with Impairments

14.09 – 14.18 – Maria Borgestig, Linköping University The Benefits of Gaze-Based Assistive Technology in Daily Activities for Children with Disabilities

14.18 – 14.27 – Patrik Rytterström, Linköping University Teachers’ Experiences of Hope Using Eye Gaze-Controlled Computers

14.27 – 14.36 – Petra Karlsson, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, The University of Sydney Parent Perception of Two Eye-gaze Systems in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Pilot Study

14.36 – 14.45 – Eva Holmqvist , Dart, Sahlgrenska University Hospital Participation through Gaze Controlled Computer for Children with Multiple Disabilities

14.45 – 14.54 – Helena Hemmingsson, Linköping University Gaze-based Assistive Technology for a Toddler with Tetraplegia and without Speech

14.54 – 15.03 – Helena Wandin, Swedish National Center for Rett syndrome and related disorders Gaze-based Assistive Technology – Usefulness in Clinical Assessments

15.03 – 15.30 – Discussion



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