Draft Programme Session: EU Master Care & Technology (STS07a)

November 23, 2016

Session Type: Lecture (sequence of presentations with questions and answers)

Applied research in Care and Technology by professional master students

Imagine you are a professional with a background at bachelor level in any discipline in care and technology. And you have noticed that you experience problems in your working or living support environment that could be solved in using an interdisciplinary approach. You realise that following an interdisciplinary course may give you the adequate tools that allow you to address this problem in practice. The combination of learning and working on a practice based problem is a challenging endeavour. Not only for you but also for the educational system. Is professional education really delivering a good job? In this symposium graduated students from different Master Education programs in the interdisciplinary area of Care and Technology will be given a platform to present the results of their master thesis research. Not only to give them the opportunity to share the results obtained. But also to give their professional career a boost in enabling them to become a participant in a relevant R&D network such as AAATE.

Titles currently include:

  • Cycling through your past; Optimizing personal mobility in a virtual environment
  • Rocking bed for restless elderly
  • How to reduce alarm fatigue in a neonatal intensive care ward
  • How to implement robotic technology in elderly care
  • How to support social psychiatric care workers with ehealth technology
  • How to develop a support system for group decision making in elderly care
  • How to use network technology to support community care in practice
  • How to refine three dimensional mapping in cardiac resynchronization therapy
  • How to use mobile technology in nursing education
  • How to optimize the use of mobile applications in homecare for the elderly



Contact: Charles. G.Willems,
Email: Charles.willems@zuyd.nl



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