Draft Programme Session: Ethical Considerations for AT (STS36)

November 23, 2016

Session Type: Lecture (sequence of presentations with questions and answers)


Ethical, Cultural, and Social Considerations for Assistive Technologies in Aging

The AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence includes a transdisciplinary team of researchers (called ETHICS-TECH) committed to bringing ethical reflection to bear on technologies to help older persons to maintain their autonomy, health and social participation, and technologies used in the care and support of older adults. To be successful, it is important that we understand and respect how social (including cultural) factors influence ethical analysis.  This session will present findings from several ETHICS-TECH projects.  They have focused research on developing conceptual frameworks and methods for structuring research, educating stakeholders and facilitating policy. They have investigated factors that are most likely to contribute to disparities in access and ethical problems in the development, adoption and diffusion of emerging technologies. Privacy, security and equity are examples of factors that we have examined.  The presenters are well-recognized experts on these topics.

This theme is important because healthy outcomes for AT users and their caregivers depend on the successful adoption and diffusion of AT and these are factors that are critically influenced by ethical and social factors. All those concerned with the advancement of AT need to understand the role for these factors.


Proposed Titles:

  • Ageing Technology: the challenges of quality, safety and equity
  • Transcultural Adaptation of a Decision Support System for the Self-Selection of Assistive Technology: Case-study of a UK-Canada Experience
  • Citizen and stakeholder perspectives about approaches to enhance equitable access to assistive products for older adults
  • Understanding the ethical issues related to ICT adoption by aging persons with cognitive impairments: developing a framework



Contact: Dr. Jeff Jutai, Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa
Email: jjutai@uottawa.ca


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