Draft Programme Session: Universal Design across the Education Continuum (STS16)

December 6, 2016

Session Type: Interactive session with five speakers followed by panel workshops.

Universal Design across the Education Continuum

The purpose of this interactive thematic session is to demonstrate that a Universal Design approach can be a transformative catalyst in delivering a quality Educational experience for all participants involved in education, from the parents, students, teachers, principals and all other service personnel. It is by taking a whole society approach to education through a Universal  Design lens that includes the built environment, teaching approaches, educational technologies, curriculum design, content and related services

The opening paper will provide an overview of Universal Design covering the key areas of built environment, curriculum content, teaching and related services based on research and approaches at a national level in Ireland.

The following 4 papers will cover the research development and delivery of curriculum materials specifically at 3rd , 2nd and primary levels of education and their impact on teachers and students.

The final paper will demonstrate key elements in creating accessible content for print disabled students which is a critical step on creating an inclusive educational experience for all students.


Contact: Dr. Gerald Craddock, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, Dublin 4, Ireland
Email: gcraddock@ceud.ie


Proposed Presenters:

  • Dr Gerald Craddock
  • Dr Larry McNutt and Margaret Kinsella
  • Damian Gordon
  • James Hubbard
  • Trish MacKeogh
  • Tanja Stevns and Dr. Lars Christensen


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