Draft Programme Session: Personal health and wellbeing recommender systems (STS27)

December 6, 2016

Session Type: Lecture (sequence of presentations with questions and answers)

Personal health and wellbeing recommender systems based on wearable technology

Wearable devices are becoming more ubiquitous, from smart bands, glasses and watches to smart clothes and implants. These wearable sensing technologies can provide 24/7 physiological and movement data that enhance the knowledge base for the user or groups of users. They can provide the basis to better understand the user, what the user does, when, how and even why. Both physical and mental health related information can be extracted or inferred from the diverse nature of the data. This thematic session aims to put together experts in developing personal applications based on information extracted or inferred from wearable sensor devices. This wealth of information facilitates users to better self-manage their health and wellbeing. Both theoretical models to process sensor data, proof of concept and user ready applications are welcome.

Some of the topics of interest for this session include:

  • Data gathering from users and patients based on wearable technology and sensor devices
  • Feature extraction from wearable sensors
  • Probabilistic models and inference
  • Machine learning techniques applied to wearable sensor data.
  • Multi-sensor data fusion
  • Learning from wearable data
  • Optimization techniques and model training based on wearable sensor data
  • Health and wellbeing models based on wearable sensor data
  • Personal recommender systems for self-management for long term conditions
  • Personal recommender systems for self-management in rehabilitation
  • User interfaces and personalized feedback
  • User experiments
  • User applications
  • Novel wearable sensor devices
  • Big data in health from wearable devices
  • Privacy, security and ethical aspects
  • Adoption of wearable sensors by the national health systems in Europe
  • Future trends
  • Regulations in different countries


Contact: Mario Munoz-Organero, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Email: munozm@it.uc3m.es


Contributors/proposed presenters

  • Mario Munoz-Organero – Carlos III de Madrid University
  • Richard Davies – Ulster University


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