Draft Programme Session: e-Health/e-Care solutions (STS33)

December 6, 2016

Session Type: Lecture (sequence of presentations with questions and answers)

e-Health/e-Care solutions

Europe and many other areas of the world are rapidly ageing and together with pressure on budgets and opportunities offered by the digital society this has led to the development of commercial and non-commercial initiatives aiming at providing, often remotely, high quality integrated care services.

But what has been reached so far?  What are factors for success or failure of these (assistive) technologies in care, together with solutions for self-health management considered the future of sustainable health care in a rapidly ageing society?  What are the barriers to scaling-up and to transfer successful models to other regions?   

The intention of this double session is to bring together papers from different European and international projects and experiences in the field of digital health and social care, as well as from the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing. Not only academic researchers, but also local authorities and health authorities, as well as companies are invited to submit papers critically analysing the results obtained.

The session is spit in two sub-sessions: the first session looking into technologies (system architecture, sensors, AAL technologies, HMI), standards and wider interoperability issues, the second session looking into service innovation (integrated care, service design, end user involvement, behavioural change, staff involvement, public procurement, etc.) and outcomes (cost-benefit, quality of life, user acceptance, biopsychosocial parameters, etc.).

Proposed sub-sessions:

  • e-Health/e-Care solutions: technologies, interoperability and standards
  • e-Health/e-Care solutions: service innovation and outcomes


Contact: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, AAATE, Linz, Austria
Email: hoogerwerf@aaate.net


Contributors/proposed presenters

  • ProACT consortium
  • INLife Consortium
  • Other European research project consortiums
  • European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing
  • Health and Social Care authorities and providers


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