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Those that have been associated with the area of “Assistive Technology” in Europe for the last two decades might remember that the last of the ECART Conferences – the precursor of the AAATE Conferences – took place in Lisbon, Portugal in 1995. And it was during this ECART Conference in 1995 that AAATE was officially created. We hope to be able to meet the expectations of all of those in Europe and globally that know the importance of a solid evidence base for “Assistive Technology” and associated services are crucial to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities and older persons in Europe. http://www.aaate.net

One of the main objectives of the AAATE Conferences is to bring together researchers, professionals, manufacturers, end users and their families, and combine their knowledge, expertise, needs and expectations, contributing in a multidisciplinary way to the success at this meeting and beyond. This will be achieved not only by the presentation of papers, but also through the participation in Satellite Events held before and after the main Conference.

Approved Partners

European University Cyprus

The Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists

Approved Partners will be able to register for the reduced fee in exchange for promotion of the AAATE2017 Congress. Please contact us if you wish to sign up to be an approved partner.

Steering Committee Members

  • Dr Peter Cudd

  • Prof. Luc de Witte

  • Prof. Klaus Miesenberger

  • Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf

  • Prof. Mark Hawley

  • Laura Evans

  • Prof. Wendy Tindale

Scientific Committee Members

  • Dr Peter Cudd

  • Prof. Luc de Witte

  • Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf

  • Prof. Dominique Archambault

  • Anne Kanto-Ronkanen

  • Dr Katerina Mavrou

  • Prof. Helena Hemmingsson

  • Prof. Mark Hawley

  • Prof. Sue Mawson

  • Prof. Sue Yeandle

  • Prof. Gail Mountain

  • Prof. Phil Green

Review Panel

  • Renzo Andrich

  • Dominique Archambault

  • Bryan Boyle

  • Cristian Buehler

  • Hajer Chalghoumi

  • Heidi Christensen

  • Gerald Craddock

  • Claire Craig

  • Peter Cudd

  • Stuart Cunningham

  • EA Draffan

  • Susan Dimisik

  • Lorenzo Desideri

  • Paul Doyle

  • Mojca Debeljak

  • Tommy Dykes

  • Katherine Easton

  • Laura Evans

  • Jan Engelen

  • Hendrike Fieg

  • Phil Green

  • Thomas Harrison

  • Mark Hawley

  • Helena Hemmingsson

  • Hiro Hirukawa

  • Joanne Heijkers

  • Nicola Heron

  • Marion Hersh

  • Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf

  • Tsai Hsuan Tsai

  • Claire Huijnen

  • Takenobu Inoue

  • Abi James

  • Phil Joddrell

  • Natalie Jones

  • Jeffrey Jutai

  • Anne Kanto-Ronkanen

  • Reuven Katz

  • Kunio Kurachi

  • Reinhard Koutny

  • Joe Langley

  • Cristian Leorin

  • Hille Maas

  • Katerina Mavrou

  • Sue Mawson

  • Gail Mountain

  • Klaus Miesenberger

  • Mario Munoz-Organero

  • Stephen Potter

  • Nasrin Nasr

  • Abe Rafi

  • Stephen Reay

  • Terje Sund

  • Tanja Stevns

  • Kevin Tseng

  • Inge Vervoort

  • Annalu Waller

  • Andrea Wigfield

  • Luc de Witte

  • Charles Willems

  • Daniel Wolstenholme

  • Aejaz Zahid

  • Carla Zaldua

  • Nadine Vigouroux


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The Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) is a translational research centre at the University of Sheffield funded by HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council England).


We research, develop, evaluate and implement new technologies to enable people to live well and age well. Our aim is to make a significant and lasting contribution to the quality of life and independence of the growing number of people with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

We bring together and coordinate the activities of over 70 academics, across 17 departments and five faculties at the University of Sheffield, including healthcare scientists, engineers, psychologists, computer scientists, architects, and social scientists.


The University of Sheffield

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The University of Sheffield is a public research university in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It received its royal charter in 1905 as successor to the University College of Sheffield, which was established in 1897 by the merger of Sheffield Medical School (founded in 1828), Firth College (1879) and Sheffield Technical School (1884). http://www.sheffield.ac.uk


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