AAATE ambassadors on Tour

January 31, 2017

Our eight AAATE2017 ambassadors broadly draw on the eight dimensions for people living with disabilities (based on the ICF domains). The aim of the ambassadors is to promote the Congress. To do this, they will go on tour to their godparents and/or research partners. Please contact us so we can post an ambassador to you.


What’s happened so far?…

  Mr Mobility had a great trip to the Peak District, a National Park just a 10 minute drive from Sheffield.
Mr Relationships joined Steve Lee at #CSUN2017 to meet a lot of interesting people!
Master Communication and his guide dog still want to know more about this amazing braille watch!
  Meanwhile, Mrs Relationships stayed in Sheffield with CATCH and spent a glittering evening at the Medilink Awards.
  Lady Social Life found herself an amazing godparent, Roz Davies.
  Lady Domestic felt comfortable in the #CATCHLab as she joined the public exhibition of the lab in the Sheffield Winter Gardens, the venue for the AAATE2017 Conference reception.
   Master Learning visited Microsoft Research with Hector Minto.
Major Life Areas (second box) and Lord Social Life (third box) decided they’d rather go somewhere on holiday, rather than reaching their planned destinations and promoting the Conference!
  Luckily, Major Life Areas’ sister, General Life Areas, will pick up his duties and stay with Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf after an international meeting mid-April.
Follow the #AAATE2017 Hashtag on Twitter and read about these trips in detail.
Invite an ambassador yourself and tell your story of how you transform people’s lives!

Master Learning
and his twin Miss Learning
… master their learning

Lady Social Life
and her partner Lord Social Life
… in their city and online

Mrs Relationships
and her husband Mr Relationships
… love to make new relationships

Major Life Areas
and his sister General Life Areas
… have everything under control

Mr Mobility
and his cousin Miss Mobility
… getting excited about everything that gives them wheels

Miss Self-Care
and her brother Master Self-Care
… now care for themselves

Sir Domestic
and his wife Lady Domestic
… are so domestic

Miss Communication
and her partner Master Communication
… communicate creatively


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