Draft Programme Session: Innovative Technologies for Independent Living (STS51)

December 6, 2016

Session Type: Workshop

Innovative Technologies for Independent Living

Assistive technologies are well known to support people with limitations in their  daily lives  to participate in society. In addition to traditional assistive technologies (community equipment), digital technologies are becoming more commonplace  to support people who experience difficulties in staying independent and maintain quality of life. The overarching intent of this session is to discuss the proposition that a working innovative technology requires knowledge about individual needs,  technology- and health literacy skills and supports the concept of co-design to ensure that the new technology is deigned with and for the user to ensure it meets those needs.The general topics of the individual papers that inform the reader of the methods and anticipated results will give attention to : use of care robots; google glass for family care support; technology competencies for future nurses and allied health professionals, smartphone design for people with learning disabilities, use of digital technologies by people with dementia living at home and co-design of assisted living technologies.

The session is co-organized with colleagues from Coventry University, Centre for Technology Enabled Health Research.

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Contact: Helianthe Kort, Heidelberglaan 7, The Netherlands
Email: helianthe.kort@hu.nl

Co-organiser: Gillian Ward, Centre for Technology Enabled Health Research, Coventry University



Proposed Presenters:

  • Susan Aspinall
  • Marten Fortuin
  • Chantal Huisman
  • Thijs van Houwelingen
  • Nikki Holliday
  • Paul Magee
  • Darren Awang


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