Draft Programme Session: Contributions to bridging the digital divide (STS35)

December 6, 2016

Session Type: Lecture (sequence of presentations with questions and answers)

Contributions to bridging the digital divide

The ENTELIS network is supporting education and social service providers in developing strategies that contribute to reduce the digital divide where this concerns people with disabilities and older adults. It does so by sharing knowledge and good practice, by developing policy papers and tools and by organising workshops and events. The presence during the AAATE conference is to connect with researchers and to acquire academic evidence of the digital divide and of strategies to bridge it.

The session during AAATE 2017 is open to accommodate different contributions via an open call: f.i. research papers describing the digital divide, policy initiatives to remove barriers, innovative educational methodologies and experiences aiming at the development of digital (AT) skills of end users.

Please submit your short communication:

Submit your short communication.

You can submit a short 900 word communication, on or around this topic, now until 7th April 2017.


Contact: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, ENTELIS network, AAATE, Linz, Austria
Email: hoogerwerf@ausilioteca.org


Contributors/proposed presenters

  • Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf
  • Anne Karki
  • Katerina Mavrou


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